Kamana Egyptian Milk Review

Get informed, buy the best quality Kamana Egyptian Milk and get free shipping worldwide.

Ok, there is this skin enhancing cream currently selling from Nigeria called Kamana Egyptian Milk. This cream promises to brighten the skin of people who use it. With the buzz around for this product, we at “Nigerian Reviews” decided to investigate this cream in order to know the good and bad sides to it, then release our findings in our review of the cream.

Having searched for this cream, we at Nigerian Reviews, finally got a hold on this cream from Talking Nails and Beauty, the most credible distributor of the product. Further more, the CEO of Talking Nails and Beauty, a lady called Lanrey, gave us quality information as regarding the product; its use, effects, idealism etc. It was more like one really good consultation session for us.

From our findings, here’s our review of Kamana Egyptian Milk..

* The cream is large in size. Its volume is 500ml and weighs about 0.6kg. The good side to this is that it would last some months even for a heavy user.

* The cream is not on the cheap side so it is for people who really want to invest on enhancing their skins.

* From our findings, this cream does not cause stretch marks. We were made to understand that people have different skin types and some skin types are very prone to stretch marks while others aren’t. For example, people with stretch marks prone skins may develop stretch marks if they add weight; adding weight has nothing to do with any cream, it is just the skin’s reaction to expansion caused by weight gain. Such people may also develop stretch marks if certain creams are applied on certain friction areas of their skins, like upper breast area, thighs etc. Some people have stretch marks for no direct reason, no weight gain, no cream, nothing.. they just see stretch marks at the back of their legs, buttocks area etc. Some other people would never develop stretch marks even if they add weight, use creams etc. So what is the way forward? Know your skin before using any cream. Get quality consultation if you are unsure if your skin is prone to stretch marks. Remember, stretch mark is really about your skin, and not the cream.

* Like it is with every cream in the market, there’s no one cream that would work well for everybody. From our findings, more people are satisfied using Kamana Egyptian Milk. The CEO of Talking Nails and Beauty, Lanrey confirmed this to us from the many testimonials she presented to us. Testimonials from her clients in the US, Nigeria, etc. Read Testimonials Here

* The cream is basically a skin toning cream. If you need specialized products for special needs like dark knuckles removal etc, you will need to buy the removal cream to use on your dark knuckles.

On the conclusion, the cream works for what it promises. However, you are advised to know your skin first before you use any cream. This is the only sure way of getting the best out of any cream if you must use it.

Where to get original Kamana Egyptian Milk? Our findings point at Talking Nails and Beauty as the most credible retail source.

Talking Nails and Beauty offers free shipping worldwide (using DHL Express with tracking number) for customers who buy the “kamana Egyptian Milk Set”.

For buyers in the US and Canada, there is a reseller in Los Angeles, USA. So, if you reside in the US or Canada use the contact information below and you will be referred to their reseller in Los Angeles, USA.

To buy, contact Lanrey:

Tel/WhatsApp: +2348135985835

Email: info@talkingnailsandbeauty.com
Website: http://talkingnailsandbeauty.com/

You can join their membership club through this link:

Talking Nails and Beauty Club


37 thoughts on “Kamana Egyptian Milk Review”

  1. Hello lanrey, I want to be 2 to 3 shades lighter from what I am presently. I stumbled into your product whilst on a wild search on safe and suitable lightening skin care regimens. I am lightskined, i have stretchmark doe,and a bit of dry skin. I tink m interested in your Egyptian milk. How much is it and how do I get it. I reside in portharcourt,Nigeria. Kindly revert bk to me as soon as u can via my aforementioned mail address . I await your swift reply with much interest. Thank you kindly.

  2. I am interested in buying the katana Egyptian milk. Please kindly send me the price details and how to get it . I reside in london.

  3. Hello lanrey,
    pls i am interested in buying kamana egyptian milk and how much is it? Kindly send me the price details.
    I reside in port harcourt, rivers. state. Thanks

  4. Hello,

    I reside in the US do you ship to the US. How much is the 500ML?
    I have 14 year old stretch marks on the arms, legs and tights. Does this cream have skin nourishing properties such as collagen etc to help the structure of the skin? Does it have steroids?

    Please kindly advise,
    Awaiting your reponse.


    1. Hi Lili, thank you for getting in touch with us.

      This cream has more nourishing properties than you can imagine.

      Talking Nails & Beauty does not sell products with steroids in it. For us, that’s a No! No!

      We ship worldwide, however we now have a reseller in the US so you can now purchase your products more conveniently

      Kindly call us or chat via WhatsApp (08135985835) for detailed information on the product and the contact of our reseller in the US.

      Thank you

  5. Hey I m really interesting in ur item,I live in the u.s a,so how much is it in us dallors ,please let me know asap,thx

    1. Hello Browne we are pleased to read from you, thanks for contacting us.

      Interestingly, we now have a reseller in the US. Kindly call us or chat via WhatsApp (08135985835) for detailed information on the product.

      Thank you

  6. Please I need the kamana Egyptian cream, I reside in port Harcourt, how do I get it? And also the removal cream for back knokle, how much is the 2. Reply pls

    1. OMG! Got my product 3 weeks ago and I wasn’t expecting to see any difference anytime soon, but I actually have!
      Not only is my skin getting brighter/lighter, it feels more moisturized and soft for hours. I live in California so our weather is quite dry. Nice to have moisture and lightening going on at the same time. 2 Thumbs up on your products!

  7. Greetings Lanrey!

    I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve tried other companies products that left me unimpressed. However, your products caught me off guard by delivering what it claims!
    Not only did the lightening happen quicker than I expected, but the moisture and softness that my skin retains from the Scrub, Oil and Lotion is phenomenal. Now I’ve got that skin that GLOWS like Cookie on the TV show ” Empire” 😉 lol

    Peace and Blessings from Miami,

  8. Needs price and shipping info on the kamana Egyptian milk. Live in Los Angeles. Also needs advice on bleaching my skin 3 to 4 shades lighter. Thanks a lot!

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