DSTV Nigeria – Robbing Subscribers

With no doubt, the DSTV paid cable satellite service is a leader in Nigeria; leader being the overall relative impression.

Having used DSTV for years, there are so many bad sides to how they operate; better put, to how they take Nigerians for granted.

Nigeria, a very massive market but gullible so they take the Nigerian market for granted. Nigerians are very good at receiving bad services from strangers, we think it has alot to do with our culture of always putting the stranger first.

Check out the following:

1. Pay per view services. None! Can DSTV tell Nigerians why they want them to pay for the time their decoders are switched off? If any customer wants to do that let the customer choose it as an option, not because it is mandatory.

2. There’s always a two to five minutes verification process each time your decoder comes on from a long sleep. Who is paying for this verification process? Kindly add up all the two to five minutes for a year and see how much a subscriber has given to DSTV for nothing. DSTV subscription verification isn’t the problem of the subscriber so its pure wickedness to make them pay for it. It’s amazing how gullible Nigerians can be.

After decades of operations in Nigeria and after decades of making extremely huge profits, DSTV Nigeria looks at their Nigerian subscribers in the face and say.. Watch us take you for granted.

If you are a DSTV Nigeria subscriber, please share your experience in the comment section. Thanks

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