Best Affordable Nigerian Video Director

Ok. This review is beneficial to people searching for a good Nigerian Video (music and movie) director that is affordable. Please note, affordability is relative as a lot of factors add up to determine why it is called affordable. Factors like type of locations needed and the video story/concept etc.

The Nigerian music video and movie making industry is loaded with many good directors. These guys make great videos but the dark side being the huge sums they charge for their services.

The A-list music video directors, for example, charge anywhere from 2 million naira upwards. This is way out of reach for many up and coming musicians since they can not afford such amounts to make their music videos.

Now, we did an extensive search analysis based on videos produced, their quality and cost.. to find out that you can still get a good decent video for a very affordable cost working with some good upcoming video directors in Nigeria.

Top on the list for really good up and coming video directors in Nigeria is the multi-talented Iyke Phelim.

After checking his profile, locally and internationally, with the award recognition of top 5% entertainment business executives in Nigeria 2015 as compiled in California USA, Iyke Phelim is your first and immediate call to.

Kindly Google his name IYKE PHELIM and see the numerous great works and acknowledgements tagged to his name.

We had a meeting with him in his office in Lagos and he was just so passionate about dishing out good videos for affordable prices especially for up and coming musicians and movie producers. His wealth of experience is easily seen as he explains the best ways of achieving good results for the video concept at an affordable price. Iyke Phelim is simply the best for this.

Arrange a meeting with him and find out for yourself. His contact information below:

Office Address:

23 Fatai Street, facing Greenland Road, Egbeda Lagos.

Tel/WhatsApp: 08033197595
Instagram: Iyke Phelim

It is really as simple as meeting with him and your video project is right off on the right track.

More reviews later


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